Your group will love our 57 passenger bus for all of its features: center aisle seating, cloth seats with footrests, TV and DVD, surround sound stereo and PA system, separate luggage compartment, overhead storage and window shades.

Your group will love our 44 passenger bus for all of its features: center aisle seating, cloth seats with footrests, TV and DVD, surround sound stereo and PA system, separate luggage compartment, overhead storage and window shades.

Airline seating, cloth interior, reclining seats with adjustable armrests, separate luggage compartment, TV and DVD, surround sound stereo and PA system make our 32 passenger bus perfect for any group.

Party seating for up to 30 passengers with leather interior. Fiber optic lighting, luxury TVs, surround sound stereo with ipod capability, privacy shades.

Party Bus Transportation Orlando

There are not a lot of places better to have a wedding than in beautiful, Orlando, Florida! For the most part, the weather is exceptional and there are loads of gorgeous venues from which to choose. Whether you are a fulltime resident, or are planning to have a destination wedding, you will definitely need to get a company for luxury bus charters. Planning a wedding is stressful, but trying to figure out transportation for all of the members of the bridal party can really be problematic. It’s so much easier to hire party bus transportation in Orlando. This will ensure that everybody gets to the ceremony and reception venues at the right time. Tardiness is unacceptable when it comes to such an important day as your wedding day. It would throw off all of the scheduled events. LTG Coaches provides the highest quality party bus rental services in Orlando, and offers shuttle services in Orlando for your guests as well.

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Minibus Transportation in Orlando

Few people realize the true benefits of minibus transportation Orlando services. They are awesome and cost-effective for a multitude of situations. Of course, they are the key to making corporate events a success. By utilizing corporate minibus Orlando services, any company event will surely run more smoothly and efficiently. All of the attendees will be able to be taken from their hotel to the event venue, and get there without being late. The attendees will also be at the event until the scheduled pickup time arrives. This cuts down on people skipping out early and missing important meetings or conferences. Let’s face it! Many executives do their best to slip away from corporate events to enjoy a day golfing on the world class courses, or fishing in the Gulf waters. With luxury minibus transportation Orlando travelers can relax and enjoy the ride. LTG Coaches Orlando is the “go to” company for minibus transportation Orlando service for many large corporations.

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Midsize Coach Transportation in Orlando

Traveling in and around with a group of people can be a problematic situation. This is especially true when the people are not from the area, and really have no clue as to how to get around. Groups can be easily separated in traffic, or on the highways causing some people to get lost or delayed for the event. People could completely miss the excursion as well. It makes much more sense to enlist the services of charter transportation. Orlando travel will become totally stress-free when luxury coaches are hired for excursions. No one in the group will need to worry about getting lost or being late, or even missing the event. Besides, when a group travels in luxury coaches the transportation experience is certainly more enjoyable. LTG Coaches Orlando provides the finest midsize coach transportation Orlando has to offer.

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Motor Coach Transportation Orlando

It seems that more and more families are combining their annual family reunions with vacations to spectacular places. These reunion vacations are very popular, especially with people who have always dreamed of visiting Orlando, and experiencing Universal Studios, Disneyworld and other incredible area attractions. It’s so much more fun than simply having a barbeque at the local park, or at Grandma’s house. Experiencing new things together will make the family bond much closer than ever before. Besides, traveling with a large group will make all of the theme park tickets and other events much cheaper than if you were merely vacationing with your immediate family. This will make it affordable enough for all to go to the vacation reunion. This is all fine and dandy however; moving that many people without motor coach transportation in Orlando is nearly impossible. You will certainly need large group transportation services. LTG Coaches offers professional motor coach rental services in Orlando.

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