Corporate Charters in Orlando

There are more and more very large businesses that have been option to host their company’s conventions in beautiful Orange County, Florida. The weather is significantly better than most other cities in the country, and there is so much for the employees and guests to do when they do not need to be available for work related events. People simply can’t be at company events 24 hours, so they need to have interesting and exciting things to do in their downtime. This area certainly provides a host of different thing to do and experience for those visiting this hustling and bustling city. Quite a few companies offer group excursions for their guests to places such as Disneyworld, Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld, and the like. Offering such excursions allows the group to bond, and can help to make sure that guests aren’t staying out all night drinking and salsa dancing in local nightclubs. It’s actually a very smart thing to do. LTG Coaches provides the highest quality of services for businesses hosting corporate events in sunny Florida.

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Tampa Charter Transportation

There is a plethora of things to see and do for those living in the Tampa area, and for others who are visiting this beautiful part of the Sunshine State. There are a some incredibly awesome venues that regularly host popular musicians and singers for concerts, sports arenas that are home to the locals’ favorite teams, and a number of pretty wonderful restaurants and bars. Of course, there are also a lot of other things to do in the area. Many people travel from near and far to enjoy the entertainers who fill the concert venues with music and laughter. Most stay for the weekend and acquire lodging at convenient hotels. Generally, the parking areas for concerts are completely packed with tailgaters well before the start time. This makes being able to find a parking space at the venue quite difficult. More often than not, you will have a very long walk to get to the event. Hiring a company for concert events transportation will prove to enhance your enjoyment of the music. LTG Coaches provides door to door transportation services for groups of all sizes.

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Port Canaveral Charters

Considering nearly seventy million people visit Orlando each and every year, and approximately two million of those visitors also take cruises that depart from Port Canaveral, parking in the area lots near the port are always crowded, if not full. The cost to keep a vehicle in the parking lots can quickly add up, especially if the cruise is longer than a weekend. Parking fees can be dear, so more often than not, it is more cost-effective to enlist the services of a minibus company to get you to the port and pick you up again after you disembark. It’s really a stress-free way of getting to and from your destination, and you don’t need to worry about those crazy fees for parking your personal or rental car. It just makes more sense to use a transport company in the Brevard County area. LTG Coaches offers a complete fleet of luxury vehicles that can comfortably accommodate any size group.

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Corporate Charters in Miami

It seems that Miami is quickly becoming the go to place for corporate conventions, executive meet and greets, and even training seminars for Fortune 500 companies and other large companies in the United States. Of course, companies hold conventions in other cities too, but South Florida is the one place that the invitees actually want to go. It’s a win win situation for both the company and the employees. There isn’t a person in the world that would complain that their company was making them go to South Florida for a convention. It’s not like the company is sending them to outer Mongolia! It’s sandy beaches, crystal clear water, incredible sunshine, and a nightlife that will remain memorable to them forever. Your convention attendees will be thrilled, so long as you provide transportation for them. Rental cars in this confusing and congested city are too difficult to deal with. Because of the traffic and confusing roadways, many companies opt to hire luxury motor coaches for transporting their employees to and from the hotel and venue. It makes sense. LTG Coaches offers executive coaches for corporate events.

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Corporate Charters in Tampa

There are many Fortune 500 companies and other extremely large corporations that opt to hold conventions and training seminars in the Hillsborough County area. It makes perfect sense as there is so much for the attendees to do when they have spare time away from work obligations. It can’t be all about work and no play when a company brings its employees to the Sunshine State. The extraordinary things that they can experience and enjoy will help to rejuvenate them, keep their heads clear, and get them ready for getting back to work in a gung-ho mood. That is a definite plus for every company. Some companies offer optional excursions for their attendees, so finding appropriate transportations services is the key to a successful event. A luxury bus company with a fleet of large and small coaches should be contacted. LTG Coaches has luxury coaches that will accommodate any group, large or small.

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Luxury Miami Charter Transportation

It seems that a lot of organizations get large groups together so that they all can take a wonderful trip to Miami together. Groups such as VFW, Elks Club, and the like often sponsor trips to South Florida to enjoy the shopping during the holiday season, sporting events throughout the year, and even to experience Cinco de Mayo in person. It’s a really great thing for them to offer, considering the discounts they receive for bringing a large group make each person’s ticket cheaper and more affordable. Generally, everything but your food and drinks is included in the total price paid to the organization. It makes the trip run smoothly when the hotels, entertainment and transportation services are all inclusive. This will ensure that everyone gets to sit together, and all arrives and departs at the same time. This type of trip is fluid; no fuss, no muss, no headaches. LTG Coaches offers complete charter services in Miami for large groups.

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Orlando Charter Transportation

There are plenty of times that people need to enlist the services of a minibus transportation Orlando company. Just think of the company office parties held during the holidays, or the company awards dinners held annually. Oftentimes, the hosting company provides alcoholic beverages or has a cash bar at such events. From a legal point of view, the company can be held liable if someone has a bit too much to drink and has an accident and harms themselves or others on the road. It’s so much safer and much more responsible to contract with luxury minibuses Orlando service companies for such events. There isn’t a business owner in the world who wants to put their employees in jeopardy of being arrested and put in jail for drunken driving charges. LTG Coaches Orlando has been the “go to” company for minibus transportation Orlando services in the eyes of many local companies.

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