Corporate Charters in Miami

It seems that Miami is quickly becoming the go to place for corporate conventions, executive meet and greets, and even training seminars for Fortune 500 companies and other large companies in the United States. Of course, companies hold conventions in other cities too, but South Florida is the one place that the invitees actually want to go. It’s a win win situation for both the company and the employees. There isn’t a person in the world that would complain that their company was making them go to South Florida for a convention. It’s not like the company is sending them to outer Mongolia! It’s sandy beaches, crystal clear water, incredible sunshine, and a nightlife that will remain memorable to them forever. Your convention attendees will be thrilled, so long as you provide transportation for them. Rental cars in this confusing and congested city are too difficult to deal with. Because of the traffic and confusing roadways, many companies opt to hire luxury motor coaches for transporting their employees to and from the hotel and venue. It makes sense. LTG Coaches offers executive coaches for corporate events.

Luxury Charters for Corporate Events

When there are executive meetings, the attendees expect high end transportation to be provided for them. There should be no question about that at all. A simple car service or taxi is insulting to many people in the upper echelon of a company. When a corporation needs to move executives from one place to another, a high end, luxury motor coach is the way to go. It allows for a stress-free ride, and also allows for a pre-convention meet and greet. Meeting their peers often makes the attendees more comfortable when attending events for the company. LTG Coaches has a fleet of luxury vehicles that will wow even the most persnickety executive in your company.

Minibuses for Business Meetings

It is very important that everyone going to a business meeting arrives on time. This keeps things running smoothly however; things don’t always go as planned. This is especially true when attendees must get to the meeting on their own. Driving in the South Florida area can be very confusing for those unfamiliar with the roadways. For this reason, many corporations choose the hire minibuses for transportation. It’s less problematic for all involved. LTG Coaches provides quality mini coaches for business meetings in the city.

Charter Buses for Executives

LTG Coaches is the premiere company for corporate transportation services for business meetings in Orlando, Tampa and Miami. With professional and discreet drivers, your attendees will get to and from the events safe and on time. Call (407) 506-6847 for all of your executive charter bus needs.

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