Corporate Charters in Orlando

There are more and more very large businesses that have been option to host their company’s conventions in beautiful Orange County, Florida. The weather is significantly better than most other cities in the country, and there is so much for the employees and guests to do when they do not need to be available for work related events. People simply can’t be at company events 24 hours, so they need to have interesting and exciting things to do in their downtime. This area certainly provides a host of different thing to do and experience for those visiting this hustling and bustling city. Quite a few companies offer group excursions for their guests to places such as Disneyworld, Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld, and the like. Offering such excursions allows the group to bond, and can help to make sure that guests aren’t staying out all night drinking and salsa dancing in local nightclubs. It’s actually a very smart thing to do. LTG Coaches provides the highest quality of services for businesses hosting corporate events in sunny Florida.

Luxury Transportation for Corporate Events

When employees and guests arrive at the airport, it is essential that the company have transportation services waiting to bring them to their hotels. It’s true that many of the hotels offer shuttle buses to and from the airport however; your guests could be waiting for an hour or more for one to get them. These shuttles are generally dirty and filled with overtired children who are too excited to see Mickey Mouse or the Harry Potter attraction. The guests’ nerves will be frazzled by the time they get to the hotel. It makes more sense to hire a company to provide the transportation for your group. LTG Coaches is experienced with airport transportation charters for business conventions.

Transportation Charters for Business Conventions

One of the biggest complaints that guests to corporate events have is that they tend to get lost or stuck in traffic in an unfamiliar city. Considering all of the congestion in the area, getting to business events can be problematic as your guests will be sharing the road with residents and theme park vacationers alike. Rather than renting individual cars for your guests, you should consider a charter bus company for transportation. This will help to ensure they arrive on time for all of the events. LTG Coaches offers complete charter services for corporate events.

Large Group Charters for Corporate Functions

LTG Coaches is the premiere provider of luxury fleet vehicles for corporate events in Orlando, Tampa and Miami. Their fleet can accommodate any size group, large or small. Call (407) 506-6847 to schedule corporate charter coaches for your next business event.

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