Corporate Shuttles in Miami

There are quite a number of large companies that hold their conventions in exciting cities such as Miami every year. Although much of what goes on at the conventions is business related, such wonderful destinations offer the employees fun things to do while they have their downtime. While most visitors to South Florida will be thrilled to take part in sunbathing and swimming on spectacular Miami Beach, others will be more drawn to water skiing, jet skiing, surfing, or fishing. There are plenty of things for the company’s guests to partake in while they are visiting in the area. Of course, they will need to find their own ways to get to and from afterhours activities but the corporation will need to provide transportation for the company’s events. While some companies provide each employee with a rental car, that could be an unnecessary expenditure. Hiring a company to provide group transportation would be more cost-effective. It will also ensure that everyone will get to where they need to be on time. LTG Coaches provides quality shuttle buses for corporate conventions in Miami.

Miami Corporate Buses

Unless a corporation is going to have their business meetings inside of the same hotel in which their employees will be staying, the company will need to provide their guests with appropriate transportation in the city. That scenario would certainly cut down on transport costs, but most of the convention center hotels are extremely expensive. It would probably save a lot of money by having the guests stay offsite and getting a luxury bus for the group to travel in. Group travel also promotes bonding between the employees that may only see each other face to face once a year. LTG Coaches has the perfect size bus for all of your corporate events in Miami.

Large Group Buses in Miami

The employees who will be flying into Miami to attend the company’s convention will need to have airport transportation services provided for them. Even those who live in South Florida hate to drive to and from the airport. The people are always in a rush, and oftentimes, they have no clue as to which lane they should be in. This causes a number of accidents, and injuries. LTG Coaches provides full service coaches for conventions in Miami.

Miami Corporate Events Shuttle Service

LTG Coaches offers Luxury transportation for corporate conventions in South Florida. With a fleet of high end vehicles and professional drivers, your guests will be safe and comfortable. Call 407-506-6847 to schedule a corporate coach in Miami.

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