Corporate Shuttles in Orlando

It seems that many very large, corporate entities go out of their way to find pleasant and exciting areas of the country to hold their annual meetings for the management and upper echelon in the company. In fact, some even hold training sessions for lower level management in such areas as well. Beautiful Orlando, Florida is certainly one of the more desirable locations for such events. Selecting such a great city is a wise thing, as the invitees will definitely want to attend the conferences. While the vast majority of hotels in the area offer shuttle buses from the airport to the hotel, they are generally now equipped to handle all of the people that will be coming from your company. Besides, they aren’t the cleanest and most comfortable options for transportation. A luxury motor coach would probably be a better option for your attendees. Let’s face it! Nobody wants to get off of a lengthy plane ride, and get on a hotel shuttle with cranky and overly excited children. This could prove to be a truly miserable bus ride to the hotel. Anyone that has used the free hotel transportation would concur. LTG Coaches provides comfortable and relaxing shuttle coaches for corporate events in Central Florida.

Motor Coaches for Corporate Meetings in Orlando

It is the responsibility of the corporation to provide all attendees with appropriate transportation to and from the hotels and venues for the business events. There are some companies who choose to pay for rental cars for their employees, but oftentimes, they realize that this is not the most cost-effective option. The amount of money expended for rental cars for all can be absolutely astronomical. A more economical means of transportation is hiring a motor coach large enough to hold all attendees. Everybody will get there at the same time, and this will prevent anyone using the excuse that they got lost. It’s a win win situation. LTG Coaches will have your employees on time for your events, every time.

Mini Buses for Business Meetings in Orlando

Smaller groups that are attending thinktank type meetings, where people must bond and share their ideas and insights of the business might benefit from using smaller mini buses for transportation. This allows for interaction between passengers on their way to and from the events. Business discussions won’t have to end at the close of the meetings, making for constant productivity. This is beneficial for all. LTG Coaches offers shuttle buses that will accommodate any number of passengers for transportation services to your corporate events.

Corporate Luxury Transportation Services in Orlando

LTG Coaches is the premiere provider of luxury motor coaches for corporate events in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. Their experienced drivers take the safety and comfort of their passengers very seriously. Call 407-506-6847 to reserve a shuttle bus for your company’s next event.

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