Corporate Shuttles in Tampa

Most people think of Tampa as one of the most popular vacation hot spots in Florida however; few people realize that “the Magic City” is host to countless corporate events, business retreats, and company training workshops each and every year. When you actually think about it, it makes complete sense. While there are loads of venues for corporate events both large and small, there should also be things for the required attendees to do when they are not attending work events. Nobody wants to be bored and be stuck sitting around in a hotel room watching reruns on the TV. Companies want their employees to look forward to their events, even though the business end might be boring and tedious. Truthfully, your employees are most likely looking forward to the wonderful things they can experience in their off hours, like going to the beach, going fishing, boating and waterskiing, taking in a sporting event, or simply hanging out at some of the hot spots in Tampa. Since it is clearly the company’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from the corporate events, a shuttle bus service is necessary. LTG Coaches provides luxury motor coaches and buses of varying sizes that will surely accommodate your attendees.

Tampa Business Meeting Motor Coaches

It can be a nightmare trying to get a large number of people to a single venue at the same time. While some companies opt to hire rental cars for their attendees, that’s not always the wisest decision. This allows for people to be late, get lost, or just miss the meetings in their entirety. A motor coach service for your business meetings makes more sense. A scheduled pickup time will ensure that employees are ready and on the coach on time. This will equate to less people going AWOL. LTG Coaches offers complete transportation services for business events in Hillsborough County.

Executive Shuttles for Business Events in Tampa

Most companies do not have their executives riding in the same buses that they provide to transport the other attendees to corporate events. Generally, mid-size luxury coaches are used for middle level executives. This allows for some delineation between attendees, without having people show up in stretch limousines and the like. LTG Coaches has a vast fleet of luxury vehicles that can accommodate as many or as few people required for your event.

Corporate Transportation Services in South Florida

LTG Coaches is the premiere provider for corporate shuttles, buses and coaches in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami. Their professional drivers and luxury fleet will keep your attendees comfortable and safe. Call 407-506-6847 for all of your corporate transportation needs.

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