Luxury Miami Charter Transportation

It seems that a lot of organizations get large groups together so that they all can take a wonderful trip to Miami together. Groups such as VFW, Elks Club, and the like often sponsor trips to South Florida to enjoy the shopping during the holiday season, sporting events throughout the year, and even to experience Cinco de Mayo in person. It’s a really great thing for them to offer, considering the discounts they receive for bringing a large group make each person’s ticket cheaper and more affordable. Generally, everything but your food and drinks is included in the total price paid to the organization. It makes the trip run smoothly when the hotels, entertainment and transportation services are all inclusive. This will ensure that everyone gets to sit together, and all arrives and departs at the same time. This type of trip is fluid; no fuss, no muss, no headaches. LTG Coaches offers complete charter services in Miami for large groups.

Small Group Transportation in Miami

Small group excursions in Miami might not require quite as much planning as is needed for larger groups, but a fair amount of coordination is still required to ensure a smooth trip. The person heading the group will need to book hotels, make plans for where the group will be dining, as well as make arrangements for tours, sightseeing, shopping trips and the like. Naturally, the coordinator will also need to reserve transportation for everyone during the trip. It can be quite an undertaking, because it is a time-consuming process. LTG Coaches provides luxury minibuses for small group transportation in Miami.

Miami Party Bus Transportation

Spring Break is certainly a popular time for college students to visit Miami Beach and enjoy their time off from school. After all of the classes, lectures, homework, studying and exams all semester, they really need a break and time to unwind, and let their hair down. College life can be rather stressful, and a vacation can certainly help to recharge the students. Oftentimes, a group of friends will travel together for Spring Break, and they usually know the hot spots they want to go to in the evening. Using rental vehicles wouldn’t be wise, especially if the students plan to be drinking. LTG Coaches has a luxury party bus that accommodates twelve to thirty passengers for traveling inside of Miami.

Luxury Charters in Miami

LTG Coaches has a complete line of beautiful shuttle vehicles in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. From a party bus and minibus, to a midsize coach and motor coach, LTG Coaches can accommodate any size group. Call 407-506-6847 to reserve group transportation charters in Miami.

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