Miami Public Events Group Transportation

Dade County is certainly a Mecca for all types of fun and exciting events for residents and visitors alike, and for people of all ages. In all reality, there’s something for everyone in the area, which is why many people visit with groups. They get better rates at hotels, concert venues, sporting events, and everything in between because they buying tickets en masse. Oftentimes, the only way people can afford to visit the area is if they go with a group so they get discounts. Let’s face it! South Florida vacations aren’t cheap, so every bit of savings is a good thing. Once the group has their itinerary planned, the coordinator should begin to seek out transportation services that will accommodate the group. You can’t expect everyone to arrange for their own transportation, considering rental cars are costly, free parking is hard to find, and parking garages are expensive. It’s more financially responsible to use a group transport service. Besides, it will reduce the stress and confusion of trying to drive on the mazes of roads throughout the area. The drivers can drive you nuts too. LTG Coaches offers luxury group transportation coaches at affordable rates.

Luxury Group Transportation Motor Coaches

People travel from all over the state to attend the many sporting events available in the area. With popular teams like the Miami Heat, Miami Marlins, and Miami Dolphins, people flock into the city to support their favorite teams. Attending sporting events is a way of life for many Floridians, and many attend with a group of friends, or groups from clubs to which they belong. Enjoying the outing with friends and club members can make the game and after celebration much more enjoyable. Since alcohol is served at games, a professional driver from a transportation company would be the best choice you could make. LTG Coaches offers a large fleet of luxury coaches to accommodate any size group.

Group Transportation for Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

Cinco de Mayo is a huge deal in the Miami area, and there are festivals throughout The Magic City. Because of the large Latino population, people go all out with celebrations. You can enjoy great music, delicious food, and a lot of cultural dancing as well. It really shouldn’t be missed on a visit during that week. LTG Coaches provides quality group transportation for festivals in South Florida.

Large and Small Group Transportation Services

LTG Coaches is the “go to” company for many event coordinators arranging excursions to Dade County. They also offer cruise ship charters, corporate events shuttles, and sports teams transportation. Call 407-506-6847 to learn about public events group transportation in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

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