Miami Sports Team Transportation

Dade County is home to plenty of professional and college sporting teams, making it a Mecca for all sports fans. There is a pro football team, the Miami Dolphins; a pro baseball team, the Miami Marlins; a pro basketball team, the Miami Heat; a pro soccer team, the Miami FC; a pro rugby team, the Miami Tridents; and a pro ice hockey team, the Florida Panthers. With all of those sports teams, the area welcomes professional athletes all throughout the year. When visiting teams arrive in the area, they require transportation services to get them back and forth to the airport, as well as back and forth to the arena. Depending upon the number of team members, support staff, and other necessary people and equipment, many of the local companies simply cannot provide enough buses to get the job done. Most companies have a single large bus, and will scramble to rent other coaches to accommodate the party. Unfortunately, if the company they are renting a coach from gets a booking, the company the team management booked with will not be able to get the rental. This would leave your players without transportation. LTG Coaches has a large fleet of luxury motor coaches for sporting teams.

Motor Coaches for Visiting Sports Teams

The management of sports teams must find transportation that is capable of moving the people and the equipment needed to and from the sporting event venue. Some teams will require more storage space than others, as in football teams and basketball teams. There’s a big difference when it comes to equipment transportation. You’ll need a company that can provide enough storage, as well as seats for passengers in attendance. Few companies can provide this with their own fleet vehicles. LTG Coaches offers luxuries motor coaches, and midsize coaches for sporting event transportation services.

Luxury Coaches for Professional Athletes

Professional athletes need to have sufficient legroom and appropriate seating in order to be comfortable on their way to the game. Being cramped up is never a good thing for muscles or relaxation. A luxury coach is the only way to go to prevent issues from occurring. LTG Coaches have professional and discreet drivers for all of their luxury transportation services.

Motor Coach Transportation Services for Sporting Teams

LTG Coaches is the premiere provider of luxury transportation services. They offer a plethora of services, including cruise ship transportation, public events group transportation, and corporate events coaches. Call 407-506-6847 to learn about sporting team transportation in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

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