Orlando Public Events Group Transportation

When a person hears Orlando, they immediately think about Disneyworld, Universal Studios and all of the other theme parks in the area. Unfortunately, many of them have no clue as to all of the wonderful public events that go on in the magical city. There are tons of concert events, cultural celebrations galore, parades for certain holidays, and a plethora of culinary events that will tickle the taste buds of even the most finicky connoisseur. Of course, there are the exciting sporting events too. You see, the area isn’t only theme parks as many believe it is. It’s so much more, and there are plenty of wonderful things to do. LTG Coaches offers luxury transport services for groups of all sizes.

Mini Bus Services for Public Events in Orlando

There are plenty of people who come to the area that get together for family reunions. It makes sense because most hotels and attractions offer significant discounts when a group books with them. This makes traveling to the area affordable for those who thought they’d never be able to visit Florida. The only issue is getting everybody to the same place at the same time. With rental cars, people tend to get separated in traffic, or there are the stragglers who are habitually late leaving the hotel. If you don’t get there at the same time, many venues will not allow you to get the group discount. That would be unfair for those who banked on getting the discounted rates. This will be alleviated by hiring a mini bus company. TG Coaches provides quality mini buses at affordable prices.

Orlando Large Group Transportation for Concerts

The number of concerts, comedy shows, and other cool entertainment that goes on in the Orange County area weekly is plentiful, and there will surely be a fair number of your friends and family that want to go to the same show as you. Of course, you all could take your personal cars, wait in the seemingly never-ending traffic, and drive around feverishly waiting for parking spaces to be found. That’s an option however; it makes more sense to hire a mini bus or motor coach to provide the transportation for the group. It eliminates the stress and allows everyone to relax and enjoy the trip to the venue. LTG Coaches offers a variety of fleet vehicles to accommodate any size group.

Orlando Group Transportation for Public Events

LTG Coaches is the “go to” transportation company for locals and visitors alike. They offer highly trained, professional drivers, and the finest fleet of vehicles available. Call 407-506-6847 to reserve your group transportation in Orlando, Tampa, or Miami today!

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