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Florida’s well-known Space Coast is the destination for many groups from schools and other education facilities. For the most part, kids of all ages are intrigued by anything and everything having to do with space and space travel. If you think back to your younger days, you can probably remember the excitement you felt when the new chapter of study in Science class dealt with space. That excitement comes flooding back when a trip is planned to Port Canaveral, Florida. When a group travels to Orlando and does all of the thrilling theme parks, and opt to end the vacation with a more educational trip. Travelling between the two cities with a group can truly be problematic. When rental or personal cars are used, people get lost, or simply don’t keep up with the others. It can be an issue when you are expecting to get group rates from the attractions, and people show up late. They very well may question if you all are actually together, or if you found others in the parking lot to go along with a charade. Common transportation is key a smooth trip. LTG Coaches offers luxury shuttle buses for groups of all sizes.

Group Transportation Services between Orlando and Port Canaveral

It seems that many families have been opting to hold their reunions as destination reunions. This makes sense, because people generally only have one vacation. They are usually faced with the choice of attending the reunion, or going away on a family trip. This kills two birds with one stone, so to speak. In all reality, destination reunions can save people at ton of money too. A lot of vacationers end their holiday with a short cruise. This is a fantastic way to relax after the hustle and bustle of the theme parks. LTG Coaches provides quality transportation services between “The happiest place on earth” and the Space Coast.

Port Canaveral Motor Coaches for Groups

There are a number of transportation companies that offer buses for group transportation services. They are out there however; some of their vehicles are not what most people expect to be riding in for their vacations. The old adage of you get what you pay for is always important to keep in mind when hiring a transportation company. LTG Coaches offers only the finest luxury coaches for all of their transportation services.

Port Canaveral Luxury Transportation Services

LTG Coaches is the premiere provider of bus transportation in Port Canaveral, Orlando, Miami, and Tampa. With a high-end fleet and experienced drivers, your trip will surely be pleasant and comfortable. Call 407-506-6847 to schedule a coach for your group today!

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