Port Canaveral Charters

Considering nearly seventy million people visit Orlando each and every year, and approximately two million of those visitors also take cruises that depart from Port Canaveral, parking in the area lots near the port are always crowded, if not full. The cost to keep a vehicle in the parking lots can quickly add up, especially if the cruise is longer than a weekend. Parking fees can be dear, so more often than not, it is more cost-effective to enlist the services of a minibus company to get you to the port and pick you up again after you disembark. It’s really a stress-free way of getting to and from your destination, and you don’t need to worry about those crazy fees for parking your personal or rental car. It just makes more sense to use a transport company in the Brevard County area. LTG Coaches offers a complete fleet of luxury vehicles that can comfortably accommodate any size group.

Minibuses for Port Canaveral Cruises

It’s amazing to think of the number of families who have reunions in the Sunshine State, and conclude their reunions with incredible cruises to the Caribbean and other exotic places. Let’s face it! It isn’t every person in the world that has the opportunity to explore Florida, as well as the beautiful countries that share the Atlantic Ocean. When you have the ability to go on such an incredible trip, the whole deal should be awesome. This would include luxury transportation to and from the cruise ship’s port of call. It’s a no fuss, no muss way of getting back and forth for such a great vacation. LTG Coaches offers a variety of luxury motor coaches and minibuses to ensure the start and end of your cruise will be comfortable and luxurious.

Transportation Services in the Port Canaveral Area

There are a lot of people that opt to spend a few days visiting spots that are popular for sightseers and vacationers to the Cape Canaveral area. Vacationers want to experience as much as they can while they are in such a wonderful area. The Space Coast has a lot to offer, and draws 30 million visitors annually. It’s no wonder why the area is always busy with traffic, and parking is hard to find. Many visitors hire transportation companies prior to their arrival to ensure their vacation flows like the waves of the ocean. LTG Coaches offers day destination minibuses for visitors to the area.

Cruise Ship Transportation Services

LTG Coaches provides the highest quality of professional transportation coaches in Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Port Canaveral. Their top of the line fleet of vehicles can accommodate groups, large and small. Call (407) 506-6847 to book your luxury charter bus in Port Canaveral today.

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