Port Canaveral Group Transportation

There are loads of people who flock to beautiful and sunny Florida each and every year, but now there is a new trend, which is having large groups of family or friends vacation together. It actually makes pretty good sense, considering the vast majority of cruise lines, and Space Coast attractions offer huge discounts for large groups of people travelling together. These discounts can help to make a vacation affordable for some families that don’t have the financial wherewithal to go on a holiday without them. The ability to get everybody around the area for sightseeing or other excursions can be a problem. Most of the time, people rent cars and cross their fingers that they all stay together on the roads, and arrive to the destination at the same time. It’s just so much easier to hire a company for group shuttles services. Besides, renting a bunch of cars can be quite expensive between the rental cost, gasoline and parking fees. Those added costs can take a huge bite out of your vacation budget. LTG Coaches provides quality shuttle bus services at affordable prices.

Cruise Ship Shuttle Bus Services

One of the exciting things to do when visiting Florida is to take a few days to go on a cruise. Going on a cruise at the end of an exciting and busy vacation is very popular days. They give vacationers the chance to either kick back and relax, or to pump up the excitement with the nightlife on the ship. The whole group won’t have to agree on what to do, but you all can still get back together for meals or other things. It allows for everyone to do their own thing, which can be quite pleasant after doing a majority rules type of vacation. It is wise to reserve shuttle bus services to get the group to the port of call. Paying for parking the rental car while you are cruising is a waste of money. LTG Coaches offers complete shuttle services for groups of all sizes.

Luxury Transportation for Space Coast Cruises

Because of the popularity of cruise vacations, more and more people are splitting their Florida vacations between the hustle and bustle of Orlando theme parks, and relaxing cruises departing from the Space Coast. It’s necessary for groups to find a company for transportation from Orlando to the port of call. This will be much easier than trying to get everyone to the port on time. LTG Coaches provides quality coaches for a relaxing and stress-free ride.

Motor Coach Shuttles

LTG Coaches is the leading provider of group shuttles in Port Canaveral, Orlando and Tampa. Their experienced drivers and top of the line coaches will surely please everyone in your group. Call (407) 506-6847 to reserve a coach for your group today.

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