Port Canaveral Shuttle Transportation

Loads and loads of people flock to the Sunshine State each and every year to enjoy a host of wonderful activities, and to have fun in the sun and excitement on the water. While the sun and water are definitely favorites of many vacationers, there is so much more to this incredibly versatile state that it could make your head spin. Of course, there are also plenty of people who fly into Florida simply so they can get onto a cruise ship and go cruising in the Caribbean. Quite a few visitors come to experience the wonders of Florida’s Space Coast. The only problem is getting from Orlando International Airport to the hotels in Port Canaveral. People drive like maniacs, and if that’s not scary enough, very few of them have any clue as to where they actually need to go. That makes matters worse and more dangerous. It’s so much easier to rely upon professional drivers with a company for transportation from Orlando International Airport. LTG Coaches offers a wide variety of large group transportation vehicles for shuttles from Orlando to Port Canaveral.

Motor Coach Charters for Family Reunions to Port Canaveral

It seems that more and more families are taking vacations together, as opposed to the typical, old school family reunion at Grandma’s house or the neighborhood park. Obviously, this type of reunion is very popular. Traveling with a large group can make going to awesome destinations affordable for almost everyone. Group discounts can greatly discount typical pricing. People who normally would not have the means to travel could cut back a bit weekly and make the trip. It’s a good way to bond with the entire family, and enjoy new things together. LTG Coaches provides the finest and most affordable large group shuttles to Port Canaveral.

Minibus Bus Charters to Port Canaveral for Groups

There are a lot of groups who choose to spend some time in Orlando taking in the attractions, and then want to experience the Space Coast. Having everybody rent their own vehicles and travel to the Port Canaveral hotel could really be a pain in the neck. Dealing with the traffic is headache enough, let alone trying to find your way on unfamiliar roads. LTG Coaches offers an awesome minibus that would make the trip from Orlando to Port Canaveral stress-free.

Shuttles to Port Canaveral

LTG Coaches offers a variety of coaches for shuttle services between Orlando and Port Canaveral. They have motor coaches, midsize coaches, minibuses, and a party bus, so whatever the size of group you have you can easily be accommodated. Call 407-506-6847 to reserve Port Canaveral shuttles today!

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