Corporate Shuttles in Tampa

Most people think of Tampa as one of the most popular vacation hot spots in Florida however; few people realize that “the Magic City” is host to countless corporate events, business retreats, and company training workshops each and every year. When you actually think about it, it makes complete sense. While there are loads of venues for corporate events both large and small, there should also be things for the required attendees to do when they are not attending work events. Nobody wants to be bored and be stuck sitting around in a hotel room watching reruns on the TV. Companies want their employees to look forward to their events, even though the business end might be boring and tedious. Truthfully, your employees are most likely looking forward to the wonderful things they can experience in their off hours, like going to the beach, going fishing, boating and waterskiing, taking in a sporting event, or simply hanging out at some of the hot spots in Tampa. Since it is clearly the company’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from the corporate events, a shuttle bus service is necessary. LTG Coaches provides luxury motor coaches and buses of varying sizes that will surely accommodate your attendees.

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Corporate Shuttles in Orlando

It seems that many very large, corporate entities go out of their way to find pleasant and exciting areas of the country to hold their annual meetings for the management and upper echelon in the company. In fact, some even hold training sessions for lower level management in such areas as well. Beautiful Orlando, Florida is certainly one of the more desirable locations for such events. Selecting such a great city is a wise thing, as the invitees will definitely want to attend the conferences. While the vast majority of hotels in the area offer shuttle buses from the airport to the hotel, they are generally now equipped to handle all of the people that will be coming from your company. Besides, they aren’t the cleanest and most comfortable options for transportation. A luxury motor coach would probably be a better option for your attendees. Let’s face it! Nobody wants to get off of a lengthy plane ride, and get on a hotel shuttle with cranky and overly excited children. This could prove to be a truly miserable bus ride to the hotel. Anyone that has used the free hotel transportation would concur. LTG Coaches provides comfortable and relaxing shuttle coaches for corporate events in Central Florida.

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Sport Events Shuttles in Orlando

The wonderful people who live in the Orange County area are generally, big sports fans. Whether it’s a professional team like the NBA’s Magic, or Pop Warner football games, they love their sporting events. While residents know where they are going when they plan to attend a sporting event, the regular influx of visitors to the area can put a damper on the accessibility to the stadiums and arenas. Vacationers who have no clue where they are going can cause huge snarls in traffic, and a lot of accidents as well. Everybody knows what happens when visitors get completely lost. They will veer across three lanes of traffic, slam on their brakes, and then cross more lanes to make a turn on the opposite side of the highway. It can be absolutely insane. Professional drivers in the area are accustomed to dealing with the craziness that comes with driving on the same roads as vacationers. Hiring a company is a wise option for gameday. LTG Coaches offers a quality fleet of vehicles that will accommodate any size group, large or small.

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Sport Events Shuttles in Miami

One thing that many people in South Florida have in common is their love for the local sports teams. Of course, most people go all out to support their hometown teams, but in this area, sporting events draw people from all over the state. This is quite surprising to a lot of visitors, considering Florida has so many professional teams for each of the professional sporting organizations. Just think about it! For NFL football alone, there are the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Jacksonville Jaguars. Simply because people live near Tampa doesn’t mean that they are Buccaneer fans. A lot of people all over the state are diehard Dolphins fans, regardless of whether they are winning or losing. Even those who visit Miami regularly have issues getting to and from Hard Rock Stadium. The traffic is almost always brutal. Those waiting to get to the game can get frustrated just sitting in the traffic. You’ll have a much better time if you get your group together and hire a company for Dolphins game transportation services. LTG Coaches offers luxury shuttle service for sporting games in South Florida.

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Sport Events Shuttles in Tampa

There are a lot of people who flock to the Tampa area each and every year, and they do so for a variety of reasons. Naturally, there are plenty of things to do on Tampa Bay. From boating and fishing to kayaking and waterskiing, there will never be a dull moment for anyone in your group. Of course, there are many venues at which you can see some of your favorite singers and bands. Tampa has it all, especially loads of sporting events including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Tampa Bay Rays. Sports are definitely a big part of life in the area. Because sports are so popular, trying to get to the stadium and arena can be a difficult and stressful thing to do. The traffic is generally bad however; on days where there is a game, it can be akin to living a nightmare. Many people, even the locals opt to hire a company for sports transportation. LTG Coaches offers game day shuttle services in and around the Tampa area.

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Corporate Shuttles in Miami

There are quite a number of large companies that hold their conventions in exciting cities such as Miami every year. Although much of what goes on at the conventions is business related, such wonderful destinations offer the employees fun things to do while they have their downtime. While most visitors to South Florida will be thrilled to take part in sunbathing and swimming on spectacular Miami Beach, others will be more drawn to water skiing, jet skiing, surfing, or fishing. There are plenty of things for the company’s guests to partake in while they are visiting in the area. Of course, they will need to find their own ways to get to and from afterhours activities but the corporation will need to provide transportation for the company’s events. While some companies provide each employee with a rental car, that could be an unnecessary expenditure. Hiring a company to provide group transportation would be more cost-effective. It will also ensure that everyone will get to where they need to be on time. LTG Coaches provides quality shuttle buses for corporate conventions in Miami.

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Port Canaveral Shuttle Transportation

Loads and loads of people flock to the Sunshine State each and every year to enjoy a host of wonderful activities, and to have fun in the sun and excitement on the water. While the sun and water are definitely favorites of many vacationers, there is so much more to this incredibly versatile state that it could make your head spin. Of course, there are also plenty of people who fly into Florida simply so they can get onto a cruise ship and go cruising in the Caribbean. Quite a few visitors come to experience the wonders of Florida’s Space Coast. The only problem is getting from Orlando International Airport to the hotels in Port Canaveral. People drive like maniacs, and if that’s not scary enough, very few of them have any clue as to where they actually need to go. That makes matters worse and more dangerous. It’s so much easier to rely upon professional drivers with a company for transportation from Orlando International Airport. LTG Coaches offers a wide variety of large group transportation vehicles for shuttles from Orlando to Port Canaveral.

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Shuttle Services in Tampa

If there is one thing that the vast majority of people in Tampa will agree upon, it is their love and admiration for their hometown football team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s quite obvious when you see the long, long line of vehicles causing traffic to be blocked because they are all trying to get into Raymond James Stadium. Of course, traffic is snarled well before the beginning of the game because most fans like to spend some time tailgating before they go inside the stadium. While a lot of people enjoy partying and grilling in the parking area, equally as many want no part of it. They just want to go to the stadium and enjoy watching their favorite team play football. Many people do their best to meet their friends in the parking area before the game however; this can be futile. They parking lot is jam packed, and finding a decent spot close to the stadium is nearly impossible. For this reason, some groups of friends opt to use professional transportation services to get them to and from the stadium. LTG Coaches offers premium group transportation for Bucs games in Tampa.

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Shuttle Services in Miami

There are almost ninety-five million people who travel to visit beautiful Miami each and every year. It’s no wonder! Miami is an absolutely spectacular place to be. The beaches are incredibly beautiful. The suns shines down on the people almost every day. The sand on the beaches is so soft, and the water is usually warm as it ripples and laps against your feet. Just picture yourself sitting on a beach chair, beneath a colorful umbrella, with the Atlantic tickling your toes. That’s exactly what other people imagine when think about traveling to Miami Beach. Nobody ever imagines themselves getting off the airplane, into a rental car, and being completely lost in the maze of a city. Believe me; it is so very easy to get lost on the roads in the area, even when you are using your GPS. LTG Coaches offers shuttles in Miami from the Airport to hotels.

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Shuttle Services in Orlando

A vacation to beautiful and exciting Orlando Florida is something that will make most people back home jealous. It’s seems like everybody would love to have a chance to vacation in Orlando, and experience the thrills and chills at theme parks such as Disneyworld, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and the like. Most people save their money all year so that they can vacation at the happiest place on the planet. Unfortunately, a lot of visitors quickly realize that renting a vehicle and driving in Orlando can be an absolute nightmare. This is especially true going to and from the Orlando airport. Savvy vacationers make sure that they book airport shuttle services in Orlando well ahead of time. It just makes everything so much easier and less stressful when you use a professional company for Orlando group transportation. LTG Coaches complete shuttle services in Orlando and the surrounding communities.

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