Sport Events Shuttles in Miami

One thing that many people in South Florida have in common is their love for the local sports teams. Of course, most people go all out to support their hometown teams, but in this area, sporting events draw people from all over the state. This is quite surprising to a lot of visitors, considering Florida has so many professional teams for each of the professional sporting organizations. Just think about it! For NFL football alone, there are the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Jacksonville Jaguars. Simply because people live near Tampa doesn’t mean that they are Buccaneer fans. A lot of people all over the state are diehard Dolphins fans, regardless of whether they are winning or losing. Even those who visit Miami regularly have issues getting to and from Hard Rock Stadium. The traffic is almost always brutal. Those waiting to get to the game can get frustrated just sitting in the traffic. You’ll have a much better time if you get your group together and hire a company for Dolphins game transportation services. LTG Coaches offers luxury shuttle service for sporting games in South Florida.

Shuttle Bus for Miami Sporting Events

There are a lot of people who gather their group of friends together and all buy tickets for sporting events. This is actually really smart, as they can get some pretty sweet discounts for buying a bunch of tickets together. Let’s face it! Going to see a professional sports event can be quite expensive, so any savings at all can prove to be beneficial. The problem is trying to meet up with all of your friends before getting to your seats. Some groups chose to use a shuttle bus service for getting back and forth from the games. LTG Coaches provides quality shuttle services at affordable prices.

Charter Buses for Games in South Florida

For the most part, when people go to enjoy a sporting event featuring their favorite team, they will decide to have a few alcoholic beverages while watching the game. There’s nothing wrong with this, unless they opt to get behind the wheel of a car. This is dangerous, and can really be a problem in the event they have an accident or get pulled over at a police checkpoint. It’s safer for everyone on the road for those who drink to use a charter service for game day transportation. LTG Coaches offers complete transport services for groups of all sizes.

Game Day Shuttle Services

LTG Coaches is the leading company for game day shuttle services in Miami, Tampa and Orlando. Their professional drivers will ensure that your group gets safely and comfortably to and from the game. Call (407) 506-6847 to schedule your shuttle bus today!

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