Tampa Public Events Group Transportation

The people who live in Hillsborough County and the surrounding areas seem to always have things going on. Each and every weekend, there is some kind of special event going on at one of the many venues in the area. Live music is a norm, as concerts with locally known entertainers, as well as extremely popular musical artists perform in the area regularly. People travel from all over the state to see their favorite performers, or even for festivals with their favorite music genre. Concerts draw people to the area, which improves the economy, which is a good thing. The downside of this is the crowded roads, and lack of parking. When groups are traveling to a concert venue, it might be wise to consider using a transportation company for the group. This way no one will need to worry about driving and waiting in traffic, and spending extra time trying to locate a parking space. In all reality, people usually have a long walk from their parking space to the venue. This can be difficult for those with health problems, older people, or young children. LTG Coaches offers group transportation services, and can accommodate any size group.

Small Group Transportation for Festivals

It seems like the Tampa Bay area is always celebrating something by throwing incredible festivals all throughout the year. There are festivals for just about everything. There’s a seafood festival, music festivals, Cuban sandwich festival, beer festival, Italian festival, wine festival, and so many more. Yes, the area residents and visitors love festivals and celebrations. Trying to find adequate parking is always an issue. Oftentimes, the long walk from the parking lot to the site makes people too tired to really enjoy the event. Hiring a coach transportation company for the group would make the day more enjoyable. LTG Coaches provides complete transportation services with their fleet of luxury vehicles.

Large Group Transportation for Sporting Events

The vast majority of people in Florida enjoy some type of sporting events. The area has a lot to offer fans, and fans thoroughly enjoy attending team sports, and supporting their favorite teams. Because alcohol is available at most sporting events, it’s usually best to leave the driving to a professional driver. You certainly wouldn’t want to risk a DWI or harming someone after having a few drinks. The drivers at LTG Coaches will ensure that your group gets to and from the arena safely.

Complete Group Transportation Services

LTG Coaches is the “go to” motor coach company for many event coordinators. They also offer sports team transportation, cruise ship charters, and corporate events shuttles. Call 407-506-6847 to learn about public events group transportation in Tampa, Miami, and Orlando.

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